This extension is provided as is, without warranty of any kind. It may be not be fit for purpose. It may be in breach of Universal Jobmatch Terms and Conditions. You may be at risk of sanction for using this extension.
The extension is subject to the following license.

Before you start

Universal Automation is an extension for Google Chrome and Chromium browsers. It should work with either of them on any operating system. It will not work with Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari or any other browsers. If you want to use the extension, you need to install Chrome or Chromium first.

You need to have an existing Universal Jobmatch account and a CV uploaded to that account before you start using the extension.

If you were mandated by the jobcentre to use Universal Jobmatch it may be a good idea to create a separate Universal Jobmatch account and try the extension with it first before using it with your real account.

We advise that you do not allow access by your jobcentre advisor to your Universal Jobmatch account. The extension produces a report which should contatin enough informartion to be used as evidence of applying for jobs on Universal Jobmatch.


available in th chrome web store

Click on the banner above to go to the Chrome Web Store and install the extension from there.


You need to configure the extension after the installation. Go to the Extensions page. You should see an entry for Universal Automation there:

Click on Options.

On the Universal Automation options page you have to provide your Universal Jobmatch username and password to the extension. This will only be used to log in to Universal Jobmatch and will not be sent anywhere else.

You also need to set the search settings that will be used: Job title, Keywords, Location as well as additional options such as Distance, Date of posting and Job type. Click Save button to save the options. You are ready to run automatic search and apply now.

Automatic job search and application

Once the extension is installed and configured, you can use it to automatically search and apply for jobs. Click on the extension icon in the browser toolbar to start the process .

The extension will log you in to Universal Jobmatch; it will then perform a search according to your settings and try to apply to all jobs in search results. It will only apply for jobs which were originally posted on Universal Jobmatch and can be applied to directly there. It will not apply for jobs that were reposted to Universal Jobmatch from other job search sites or those which were posted on Universal Jobmatch but require sending an email to apply.

After the application process finishes you will be able to see a report with all jobs that were applied for. The report will show the job title, location, date, Universal Jobmatch posting ID and a link to the posting. You should be able to use that as evidence of applying for jobs using Universal Jobmatch.